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For quite some time we dreamed of starting a locavore Asian restaurant. In 2009, Long Grain opened its doors in the beautiful seaside town of Camden, Maine. We call our cuisine "honest food" meaning we use seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, no inconvenient truths here. Although many consider Long Grain a Thai restaurant, our dishes are inspired by many different Asian cuisines and cultures. Thai and Vietnamese street food, fare served in small eateries in Singapore and meals on dinner tables in Indonesia and Japan can all be found here. We look forward to welcoming you to our table. 

Country Curry
Country Curry
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Fresh Ingredients
Fresh Ingredients
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Panang Curry
Panang Curry
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House Made Noodle Pad Kemao
House Made Noodle Pad Kemao
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Squid Tapanyaki
Squid Tapanyaki
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Pemaquid Mussels
Pemaquid Mussels
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House-Made Kimchi
House-Made Kimchi
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Spicy Night Market Soup
Spicy Night Market Soup
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Street Chicken Wings
Street Chicken Wings
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Peek Gai Tod $15

Crispy fried Maine farm chicken wings with crispy garlic

with Jaew sauce


Moo Ping $15

Grilled Broad Arrow farm pork skewers 

with Jaew sauce


Larb $15

North Eastern style spicy minced meat salad

shallot, fresh Asian herbs

(Choice of chicken, Maine farm pork or local tofu)


Nam Tok $15

North Eastern style spicy grilled Maine farm beef salad

Shallot, fresh Asian herbs

Som Tum $15

Spicy Green Papaya Salad (Bangkok Style)

tomatoes, green beans, peanuts, dried shrimp


Hoi Mangpu $16

Steamed Maine mussels 

in spicy coconut lemongrass broth


Tom Yum Gai $14

Spicy Thai lemongrass soup with Maine farm chicken,

mushroom, tomatoes


Spicy Night Market Noodle $19

Rice noodle, roasted Maine farm pork, Maine farm minced pork, 

bean sprout, pork rind, peanut, hot-sweet-sour broth


Kao Soi Gai $19

Chiangmai curry noodle soup with Maine farm chicken

egg noodle, red onion, bean sprout

pickled mustard green, crispy noodle

Pad Thai $19

Rice noodle, egg, bean sprout, roasted peanuts, 

scallion, cilantro

(Choice of chicken, Maine farm pork belly or local tofu)


House Made Wide-Rice Noodle - Pad Kemao $22

Spicy stir-fried with Thai basil, organic farmer greens,

egg , mushroom, bamboo, onion

(Choice of chicken, Maine farm pork belly, or local tofu)


House Made Wide-Rice Noodle - Pad Seaw $22

Sweet soy sauce stir-fried with organic farmer greens, egg

(Choice of chicken, Maine farm pork belly or local tofu)


Kao Pad $19

Multi-Grain Fried Rice

egg, onion, scallion, garlic

(Choice of chicken, Maine farm pork or local tofu)

Smoked Mackerel  Fried Rice

Duck Trap mackerel, garlic, egg


Pad Krapraw $19

Stir-fried minced meat with chili-garlic, Thai basil, onion

(Choice of Maine farm minced chicken, Maine farm minced pork)


Pad Pak $19

Stir-fried local organic greens with local tofu


Gao Lao Nua Tun $26

(Spicy Beef Stew in Dark Soy-Five Spice Broth)

 Maine farm Beef, Asian greens, bean sprout,

cilantro, scallion, fried garlic, chili oil


Gang Keaw Whan Gai $26

Green Curry, Maine farm chicken, eggplants, 

bamboo, fresno, Thai basil


Fried Local Free Range Egg $1.75

Jasmine Rice $2.50

Multi-Grain Rice $3.50

Sticky Rice $3.50

Stir-Fried Organic Greens



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